The Following Divisions are no longer accepting registrations
U08 born in 2014 Boys, U08 born in 2014 Girls, U09 born in 2013 Boys, U09 born in 2013 Girls, U10 born in 2012 Boys, U10 born in 2012 Girls, U11 born in 2011 Boys, U11 born in 2011 Girls, U12 born in 2010 Boys, U12 born in 2010 Girls, U13 born in 2009 Boys, U13 born in 2009 Girls, U14 born in 2008 Boys, U14 born in 2008 Girls, U15 born in 2007 Boys, U15 born in 2007 Girls, U16 born in 2006 Boys, U16 born in 2006 Girls, U17 born in 2005 Boys, U17 born in 2005 Girls, U18 born in 2004 Boys, U18 born in 2004 Girls, U19 born in 2003 Boys, U19 born in 2003 Girls,

The Application period has ended.

September 25-26, 2021
Local teams may play on Friday evening.
Deadline is September 1, 2021.
Please make sure all conflicts/requests are logged in your team registration as well as sent directly to with the Age Group (U14, etc) Club/ Team Name (05B Red, etc) and Gator Classic in the Subject field.

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