Women's College Test Recruits

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Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Bailey Miller PBFC Rush 07/08G Right Wing2026
Shelby Moulton PBFC 09G Left Wing2028
Savannah Riddle Navarre United 09 Girls Defender2028
Olivia Roltsch GBFA BREAKERS '07/'08 Girls Forward2025
Autumn Daugherty PBFC 09G Forward/Mid2028
Zoe Dancy PBFC Rush 12G 2023
Kinsley Leloux Navarre United 09 Girls 2028
Freya Crowe MOBILE RUSH 09 GIRLS Defensive/Mid2027
Katerine Diaz PBFC Rush 07/08G Right Wing2026
Palyn Hartman Legion FC 10G Elite 2023
Rhyan Schorzman Navarre United 09 Girls Defender2027
Zhane Reese Pensacola Rush 10G Left Wing2028
Aiylah Greer Pensacola Rush 07G Defender2026
Vanessa Lopez MOBILE RUSH 09 GIRLS 2028
Qourtney Henderson Trussville Blaze 12 Red 2023
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BLANGEL 2023 F F 5 0
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