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Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Tate Whillock FC Alliance 04B SCCL Forward/Mid2023
Sebastian Salas-Vaca FC Alliance 05B SCCL Right Wing2023
Easton Carson Flames U15 boys 2020
Brennan Pearson FC Alliance 05B SCCL Goalie2023
Owen Gray FC Alliance 04B SCCL 2023
Franqui Diaz Lakeway OG's 2023
Max Ewing FC Alliance 04B SCCL 2022
Braden Melling Lakeway OG's 2023
Daniel Reed FC Alliance 09 Boys Red Goalie2020
Harrison Schwall FC Alliance 04B SCCL 2022
Kyler Misenheimer FC Alliance 04B SCCL 2023
Ayaz Sultan FC Alliance 04B SCCL Goalie2023
Otto Niendorff FC Alliance 04B SCCL Center Forward2022
Grant Charles Lakeway OG's 2023
Jackson Lawing 2009 Boys West 2020
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FALLCB 2020 F M 4 0
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