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Women's College Test Recruits

Graduation Year
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Featured Athletes

Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Noelle Parson AFC Lightning '08G - DPL Defender2026
Mackenzie Sousa GSA 08G Premier DW 2026
Alissa Alvarado SSA 09G Blue MG Center Mid2027
Bella O`Hara SSA 10G Blue GP 2028
Makayla Gomez GSA 09G Premier 2027
Dana Suber AFU 08G Elite West Right Wing2026
Jordana Coca LSA Sharks 2010G SCCL 2027
Taylor Vise SSA 10G Blue GP 2028
Claire Johnson GSA 08G Premier DW 2027
Eleanor Cates Rush Union G2010 Black 2028
Sydney Jones Rush Union G2010 Black 2028
Jacqueline (Clay) Davis LSA Sharks 2010G SCCL 2028
Nylla Wilcher SSA 09G Blue MG 2027
Genevi Vasquez SSA 10G Blue GP 2028
Georgia Dorsey LSA Sharks 2010G SCCL 2028
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