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Men's College Test Recruits

Graduation Year
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Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Preston Salinari Concorde Fire 09B West Elite 2027
Jack Glowienka NASA 10 SCCL P1 Marietta 2028
Adrian Zapata SSA 09/10B Green JA 2023
James Edwards AFC Lightning 09B Gold SCCL 2028
Edward Zacarías Concorde Fire 10B West Black 2028
Angel Avila LSA Shark’s SCCL Boys Defender2027
Donald McKinnon AFC Lightning 08B Gold 2027
Imani Harper LSA Shark’s SCCL Boys Midfield2027
Talmadge Southern GSA North 08B Red 2026
Julien Bravo EADL 2008 B Orange Center Forward2027
Alexander Keeton GSA 09B Premier Goalie2027
Oscar Stimpson AFC Lightning 09B Gold SCCL 2028
Jayden Sorto AFC Lightning 09B Red SCCL 2027
Maximiliano Ferrioli EADL 2016 B Orange 2023
Grayson King GSA North 10B Red 2028
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GSAAI 2023 F M 5 0
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