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Featured Athletes

Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Gavin Patterson Ambush SC B06 Red Center Defender2022
Arya Akbarshahi NTH NASA 04/05 SCCL Elite Right Defender2023
Tyler Roldan 04/05 SCCL Premier Marietta Goalie2024
James Smith Chattanooga FC 04 Navy 2023
Caleb Hicks Stones River FC 2007 Black 2025
Landon Thompson SSA 13B Blue Academy I 2022
Brandon Duncan UFA Mountains 04/05B White Right Mid2023
Ayden Hernandez LSA Stingrays U8B Midfield2023
Caleb Harvey NTH NASA ECNL-R 06 Left Wing2024
Daniel Seymour UFA Metro Atlanta 06B Premier Forward/Mid2025
Brent Tavares LSA 07 Select Center Mid2025
Elias Wright LSA Stingrays U8B Midfield2022
Alexis Trejo UFA 06B Black 2024
Isaiah Randolph LSA Sharks 08B SCCL II 2022
Benjamin Caveney SSA 07B SCCL-BLACK HR 2025
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NASACLB 2022 F M 4 0
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