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Featured Athletes

Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Will Murray Carolina Velocity 07 Elite 2025
Harold Macias PISA Hurricanes 04B Center Mid2023
Logan Schuhmacher LPSC 04 Impact Center Defender2021
Griffin Lee Eagles Royal Football Eagles Rfc Right Mid2022
Zephyriah Malone HFC 04 White Midfield2022
Lukas Mandakovic CSA Palisades Titans 2022
Collin Queen Carolina Velocity 03 Red 2020
Jarett Trejo LASA United Titans Defensive/Mid2024
Sahir Patel NCFC Navy 06 South 2025
Jacob Whatley Carolina Velocity 03 Red Defender2021
Chase Gall HFC 04 White Forward/Mid2022
Cesar Velasco Vallense 05 Navy 2023
Joseph Pulliam Carolina Velocity 03 Red 2020
Sam Datin TUSA 03 Silver 2021
Jack c D'Agostin NCFC Red South 2025
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