6v6 Rules

REGISTRATION - All teams must Check-In online through Soccer in College. Failure to check-in will result in automatic disqualification (without a refund of the fee) from the Tournament. All data must be submitted prior to 1 pm on Wednesday before the tournament for online Check-In.
CREDENTIALS - At registration, teams must provide the required credentials. All teams must present: Team Roster – 6 copies of their official roster • Player Release Form signed by each parent (this must be the FC ATHLETICO form).
ELIGIBILITY - All players are to be born on or after January 1 in the year of their age group classification, or in a later year. No player shall play for more than one team during the tournament. Teams must be properly registered. All players participating in the tournament must be on the team roster.
TOURNAMENT MATCH LAWS - Except as otherwise provided herein, the FIFA “Laws of the Game” shall apply to all tournament matches – unless otherwise stated.
  1. Shin guards are mandatory.
  2. All players except the goalkeeper must have uniforms with individual numbers on the shirts.  
  3. The HOME team shall wear LIGHT colored uniform and the AWAY team shall wear DARK colored uniform. If the jersey color is similar or identical, the designated home team shall change jerseys.
  4. No jewelry or watches are to be worn.
  5. Casts must be wrapped and approved by match or tournament officials.
PLAYERS AND SUBSTITUTIONS – 6v6 (one goalkeeper + five field players) – need four player to start the game.
The maximum roster size for all age groups is: 11. Teams are permitted unlimited substitutions during the following times: throw-ins for either team, goal kicks for either team, following a goal, injured players or cautioned players.
All players entering and leaving the field of play must do so at midfield nearest the designated team bench area.
DESIGNATED TEAM AND SPECTATOR AREAS - Each team will have a designated area for their players and coaches on the same side as the other team. Parents and spectators must remain on the opposite side of the field until the conclusion of the match. Parents must sit directly across their team bench and must not interfere with opposing team parents or their area. The designated team area shall extend from midfield and 25 yards beyond. All coaches should make every effort to remain within this area during the match. Players and spectators must clear the field at the conclusion of their match to allow the next teams have adequate time to prepare for their match.
REFEREE - The referee shall make sure all players’ equipment has been checked prior to each match. The score of each match and names of cautioned and ejected players must be reported to the Field Marshal by the referee immediately after the match. At this time, the referee will complete both game cards for the match and submit it to the Field Marshal. The referee has the right halt the game to allow parents to move and sit in their designated area. The referee is also allowed to cancel game in the event of unruly behavior from parents, players or coaches – which will result in the team forfeiting the game or being disqualified from the tournament.
GAME CHECK-IN - Prior to the start of each scheduled game, each team must present to the referee the approved roster. A team who fails to report to the field within ten minutes of a scheduled kick off will forfeit the game. Each team needs a total of 4 players for the game to start.
MATCH DURATION - The duration of all games: 2 x 15 minutes. Half time will be 5 minutes. Ties will stand (no overtime) for round-robin group matches.
AWARDS - Awards will be given to Champions and Finalists in each division.
FOULS AND MISCONDUCT - Any player ejected from a match will not be able to participate in his/her team’s next match. Ejection for fighting may result in the player being disqualified for the remainder of the tournament and not being allowed to participate in any remaining matches for his/her team. Any coach ejected from a match will not be allowed to preside as coach in that team’s following match. If a player has accumulated three cautions during the tournament, the player will be suspended from play for the next match. Each coach is responsible for the conduct of the team’s parents and spectators.
DIVISION STANDINGS - The division standings will be determined as follows:
  • Win: 3 points
  • Tie : 1 points
  • Loss: 0 points
*The referee will turn in the game cards to the field marshal at the end of each game.
Forfeit and Tie-Breakers - Any forfeit will be recorded as 4-0, with 3 points going to the winner. If at the end of the preliminary group matches a tie in the standings exists, the following criteria shall be used to determine the group winner: 1. Head-to-head competition 2. Goal differential (maximum 5 goals per game) 3. Most goals scored up to 5. 4. Least goals allowed. 5. Penalty kicks to take place immediately prior to the finals or at an earlier time if coordinated with the Tournament Director through the Field Marshal. If more than two teams are tied, criteria 1 (head-to-head competition) will not be used. If more than two teams are tied after applying criteria 2, 3 and 4, then the teams go to a Penalty Kick Round Robin. In a PK shootout – to determine a group winner, teams can assign a starting line-up to pick shooters. Punting is not allowed. The ball is deemed in-play once it is released from the goalkeeper’s hands or kicked on goal kicks. The opposing team can cross the build-out line and play resumes as normal. If a goalkeeper punts the ball, an indirect free kick should be awarded to the opposing team from the spot of the offense. If the punt occurs within the goal area, the indirect free kick should be taken on the goal area line parallel to the goal line at the nearest point to where the infringement occurred.
THROW-INS: There are no throw-ins. Ball must be stationary on the point where the ball left the field and player must pass the ball on to the field and be touched by another player before a team is allowed to score. Opposing players must be 5 yards away from the position of the ball on a kick-in.
GOALKEEPER BOX: Players may enter goalkeeper box and goalkeeper may leave the goalkeeper box but must not handle the ball outside the box. Handing the ball outside the area will result in a yellow-card for the goalkeeper and a penalty for the opposing team, regardless of where the infringement takes place outside the box.
FOULS: All fouls that take place outside the goalkeeper box will result in an indirect free-kick. Any fouls inside the box will result in a penalty kick for the opposing team. Players must be 8 yards away from the ball during an indirect free-kick.
SEMI-FINALS -Should a semifinal match end in a tie, teams will be given a 3 minute rest and then proceed to play one five-minute extra time period (no golden goal). Team that is leading at the end of extra-time wins. If teams are tied after extra time, this will be followed by penalty kicks. If the score is tied after three attempts, sudden-death penalty kicks will take place. Only players on the field at the end of regular time will be eligible for the shoot-out.
FINALS - Should finals match end in a tie, the teams will proceed with one five minute extra-time period (no golden goal) – the first team to score two goal or the team leading at the end of extra-time wins. If teams are tied after extra-time, there will be a penalty kick shoot-out after a three-minute rest. If the scores are tied after three attempts, sudden-death penalty kicks will take place. Only players on the field at the end of overtime will be eligible for the shoot-out.
Please Note: In a finals game, if the match’s progress is terminated after the second half has begun, the match will be considered official and the score at the time will stand. If the teams are tied and weather and field conditions permit, the teams will go straight to PKs to determine the winner. If a finals game match is suspended before the end of the first half, a winner will be determined in the following manner:
1. Match play resumed if the field is deemed safe and playable by the tournament officials.
2.  Penalty kicks if the field is deemed unplayable with any score existing at the time of suspension carried over to a final score.
3. If both teams are still scoreless or tied after match play or three penalty shots, sudden death penalty kicks will continue until a winner can be determined.
4. If neither field play nor penalty kicks is feasible because of unsafe or unplayable conditions, a finals game winner will be determined by the following criteria: a) Most tournament points b) Head-to-head competition c) Most goals scored in the tournament (up to 5 per game) d) Least number of goals allowed in the tournament
FORFEITS - A forfeit shall be awarded if a team is not present and prepared to play within 10 minutes of its scheduled match time. A 15-minute grace period shall be given for play-off matches only. A team that forfeits any match will lose all opportunities to advance to finals.
PROTESTS - There will be no protests.
Regardless of weather conditions (unless in the event of lightning and thunderstorms), coaches and their teams should appear on the field of play and be ready to play as scheduled. Failure to appear at the match site will result in forfeit of the match. In the event of lightning or thunderstorms, coaches must appear at the tournament tent.
Only referees, Site Coordinators, and the Tournament Director can postpone a match.
The Tournament Director and Committee have the power to cancel a match. Should the progress of a bracket match be suspended due to weather conditions after one-half has been completed, the match will be considered official, and the score at the time will stand. If a bracket game has not reached half-time and must be suspended due to inclement weather, then the following procedure will be followed:
1. If the field is deemed safe and playable by the referee and Field Coordinator, play may resume on the field and be concluded in a timely manner.
2. If the field is deemed unsafe and unplayable, the teams will go to PKs in the format following format: (Three kicks per team, followed by sudden death if teams are tied)
3. If a bracket game has not begun and cannot be played due to inclement weather, unsafe playing conditions, darkness or other conditions as deemed by the tournament officials, the bracket game winner will be determined by penalty kicks as described above at a time and place determined by the tournament officials.
Penalty Kicks to determine a winner of a bracket game suspended due to inclement weather: Each team appoints three penalty kick takers. Only players on the field when play is suspended may shoot. At the end of the three shots by each team, the score stands as the final game score for the teams in this bracket game.
A match is considered official if one half has been completed. However, should a match be terminated for any reason other than inclement weather or poor field conditions, the Tournament Director and Committee will review the referee’s report and any other information available in order to render a decision.
If the tournament is canceled due to inclement weather or any act of God, a refund will be issued. If the tournament is canceled after a team has played in 2 games, no refund will be issued to that team.
PAYMENT OF REGISTRATION FEE: If your check is returned NSF, you will be charged an additional $25 processing fee.
If questions or problems arise, first check with the Field Marshal. The Site Coordinator should then be contacted for further assistance. The Tournament Director can be contacted at headquarters. Each coach or team manager must leave a name, cell phone, or a local number at the registration table during check-in. This will facilitate contacting coaches in emergency circumstances.

Game Cards

This report is restricted to the staff of teams accepted into the tournament. If you are authorized, you should click LOGIN in the upper right corner and enter your access codes to log in. If you have lost or forgotten your access codes you may enter your email address to have them sent to you. For additional help, you may click the envelope on the menu bar to contact the tournament staff.


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