Last updated:  November 4, 2020


      Please click below for all tournament COVID-19 policies and guidelines.

      All partcipants and spectators are required to follow tournament policy.


      Tournament COVID-19 Policy and Guidelines


      Important note:

      • No tents or benches will be allowed for players & spectators inside any park.  
        The only tents that will be used are for Athletic Trainers and Referees. 
      • Any team or spectator from their respective team not in compliance will result in a forfeit of the match.
      • Families are encouraged to send no more 1-2 family members when possible.

      Last updated:  July 20, 2020


      Please review the cancelation policy for the tournament due to COVID-19 or other communicable disease outbreak.


      Cancelation outline:

      • Cancelation occurs > 14 days prior to tournament = Full Refund
      • Cancelation occurs 13-2 days prior to tournament = Full refund minus $150
      • Cancelation occurs day before (Thursday) or during tournament = No refunds


      • Teams are bound to hotel and Event Connect booking policies and guidelines.
      • Please see contract with Hotel and Event Connect.
      • In the event that the tournament is canceled due to COVID-19, EventConnect protects guests from fees applicable to the hotel.
      • If you need to cancel your reservation, the previously-non-refundable Service Fee, paid at the time of reservation, will now be converted to a flexible Hotel Credit, to be used worldwide, subject to availability.
      • Please contact EventConnect Customer Support if you require more information or details specific to your reservation, at support@eventconnect.io or 1-888-723-2064.

      Tournament Cancelation Policy Review:

      • Full refund policy up to 14 days prior to the event.  If cancelation occurs within 13 days of the tournament, there will be an administrative/booking fee to cover expenses of planning and scheduling.  We have to book and prepare by ordering medals and trophies, scheduling trainers, referees, etc.
      • If cancelations occur during the tournament due to an outbreak of COVID-19, there are no refunds as all referees, medals, etc. have been booked and paid for.

      At this time, there is no way for events to acquire COVID-19 / Communicable Disease event cancelation insurance.

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