• Welcome to the Rangers Academy Invitational!
    • Rangers Academy Invitational OCT. 16th - 17th, 2021

      8U-12U Showcase Format

      "Sportsmanship, Enjoyment, and Development"

      At our Academy ages we are committed to placing players and teams into appropriate environments that foster individual and team development. In our 8U-12U age groups there are a number of available tournaments, which they will soon compete in at the appropriate age, but we feel providing a 'festival' atmosphere that encourages taking chances as a team, as a coach and as a player is most beneficial to their soccer development at this early stage.

      What is a "showcase" format?

      • All teams have a set number of games to play during the weekend
      • All opponents are known before the start of the games
      • Teams will not have a semi-final or final in this format

      Why play in a "showcase" setting?

      • Coaches are more incentivized to play all their players equally and experiment with players in different positions.
      • Coaches are able to adjust tactics and observe the game without the pressure of a 'must win' environment
      • Coaches are encouraged to place players on different teams and give kids a different game day experience
      • Players feel more comfortable taking chances and being creative without the thought of costing their team a shot at the title
      • Parents are able to focus on their player and the game being played and avoid 'scoreboard' watching

      How is a "showcase" competitive?

      • Teams are required to list their 'competitive level' during registration so teams are placed against like competition and in an appropriate division.
      • Players have a natural desire to compete so coaches are still encouraged to foster this competitive edge during the games to play at their highest level.
      • Results matter. This may mean measuring your individual players and team against their own soccer ability and standards instead of a score line. 

      13U-19U Tournament Format
      "Sportsmanship, Enjoyment, and Development"

      *13U-19U will play normal tournament brackets (up to 4 games max)*

      • 4 teams - 3 games, winner determined by points

      • 5 teams - 4 games, winner determined by points

      • 6 teams - 2 group play games, 3rd game will be 1v2, 3v4, 5v6

      Friday Night Games are Available Email gfloressoccer@gmail.com to request

      • Displayed Best Sportmanship *
      • Displayed Best Style of Play **
      • Displayed Best Fans Support *
      • Division Champion and Finalist Medals (13U-19U)
      *Voted by Referee 
      ** Voted by Event Committee 

      • Golden Boot - Most goals scored 
      • Golden Glove - Goalkeeper  
      • Young Female Player 
      • Young Male Player
      *Voted by Event Committee 

      Is important piece to making this soccer experience one to remember. What can you expect:
      • Players only area - Get focused on your game and prepare as well as you can in a players' only zone.
      • Spectators area - Creating the appropriate space for parents to watch and cheer the players on while allowing the players and the officials enough space for the game to be the main event, not the sidelines. 
      • Food Truck Showcase - Local vendors will temp you with their best bites and a winner will be crowned.
      • Street Soccer Cages - Street soccer approach to prove yourself in the toughest of challenges! Winner stays!
      • Bouncy Castles - Siblings may not be playing soccer but they can still have fun! 
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      Event Director: Gerardo Flores - gfloressoccer@gmail.com
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