• Online Check-in
      Online check-in is required.
      Team documents for the SCCL Cup will be approved by Online check-in. Online check-in is mandatory and must be completed by the deadline to ensure your teams' participation in the SCCL Cup. Teams may start their online check-in once their application to the tournament is completed. 

      Online check-in must be completed before 12/6/2022 and it must be started by 12/2/2022. Please adhere to the deadlines and begin at least one part of the online check in prior to 12/2/2022. Check-in steps do not need to be completed all in one sitting. **Teams with a play-in game must complete their OLC 24 hours prior to their play-in game.

      We suggest you check the schedule and compare it to your printed game card a day before the tournament.  Your game cards should have all games listed at the top with a blank opponent for the finals.  Make sure you have this MULTI-GAME card.  After online check-in, there will be a "SINC certified" printed in the upper right corner. 

      Teams must provide the required credentials.  All teams must submit:

      • State Roster - One (1) copy of their official roster. Club Pass players information may be written on the bottom of the Official Roster.
      • Tournament Athlete Waiver Form signed by each parent (this must be the SCCL Cup Athlete Waiver Form).
      • A current, Medical Release Form for each player - including guest players.  (Current means within the past 12 months).
      • Player I.D. Cards - laminated with photographs and signatures. 
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