Triad Elite Fall Classic Tournament Rules

Tournament entry fees are NOT refundable once a team has been notified of its acceptance, and those decisions are final.
***** No refunds will be given for cancellation due to weather conditions.***** 
*****We will refund 90% of registration fee if tournament cancelled due to COVID-19*****
NC Rush Triad 2021 Fall Classic Tournament Rules
All matches shall be played in accordance with FIFA Laws of the Game except where interpretations are provided for Youth Matches within USYSA, NCYSA and/or these rules.
Tournament fees, per team, will be as follows:
Birth Years 11u-12u $550
Birth Years 13u-14u $600
Birth Years 15u-19u $650
Competition is open to Classic and Select teams with no more than 22 rostered players for 13u19u, only 18 can play per match. No more than 16 rostered players for 11u-12u. Teams and players must be registered and in good standing with USYSA or US Club. This is an unrestricted tournament to NCYSA teams and US Club teams will be allowed. USYSA or US Club teams must adhere to the following:
A. A valid state match roster stamped by their respective registrars listing all players participating in the tournament. EXCEPTION: See Guest Players.
B. Valid laminated players pass for each player on the roster.
C. A signed Medical Liability Release Form. The form will be provided to teams from outside NCYSA by the tournament committee with their acceptance letter.
D. Players may play only with the single team with which they are registered for this tournament. A player can ONLY play for ONE team per day.
E. A player cannot play for more than one team in the same competition (age, gender, or tournament play).
F. A player CAN play UP on a team.
A maximum of four (4) guest players allowed, not exceeding current USYSA/ US Club roster size except for academy teams. Guest players must meet requirements of B, C, D, E and F above, plus have the appropriate state guest player roster stamped and signed by their respective registrars.
A. All players shall conform to Law 4 of FIFA Rules. Exception: Inclement weather. Long sleeve shirts may be worn under the jersey. NO LONG PANTS MAY BE WORN EXCEPT BY THE GOALKEEPER (unless extreme weather permits).
B. Where jersey color conflicts, the designated home team (listed first on the schedule) shall change. Visiting teams are requested to help resolve conflicts.
A. The tournament committee reserves the right to reduce, cancel, reschedule, or relocate games due to weather or field conditions beyond our control. PLEASE CHECK THE WEATHER LINE!
B. All teams must be present and on the field, ready to play matches at scheduled times. Failure to do so after a 15 minute delay will constitute a forfeit.
C. The tournament committee, association, sponsors, and referees will not be responsible for any expenses incurred by any team, club, or person taking part due to cancellations of this tournament in part or whole.
A. A fifteen minute grace period will be allowed from scheduled kick-off time before the game is awarded to an opponent. B. Any team that forfeits a match may not participate in any semi-finals or final matches. Forfeiting team will have a three (3) point deduction from their match points. The team with the next highest point total shall advance. In cases of a forfeit, the score shall be recorded as a 3-0 loss and 3 points will be awarded to the opposing team, no shutout points awarded. C. The Tournament Director reserves the right to make the final decisions relative to forfeits.
- Birth year 11u-12u Divisions 2/25 Minute Halves
- Birth year 13u-14u Divisions 2/30 Minute Halves
– Group Play - Birth year 15u-19u Divisions 2/35 Minute Halves
– Final - All Semi-Finals tied after the final whistle will go straight to kicks from the mark to decide the winner
- If the score is tied after regulation during the FINAL, there will be 2-10 minute overtime periods. If tied after that kicks from the mark will be taken. There will be a 10 minute half-time for all games!
The tournament committee reserves the right to combine age divisions. Teams required to play above age will be entitled to a refund if desired and if requested fourteen days prior to tournament start date. The tournament committee will strive for fairness and competitive equality relative to the two above provisions. Soccer in College state and national ranking will determine the cut off points for each division.
A. Substitutions shall conform to the USYSA and/or NCYSA youth match rulings.
B. Substitutes must be at the center-line before calling for substitution. No sub may enter the field of play until waived on by the referee.
A. Each participating team is guaranteed to play in three games (minimum). The scheduled times, structure of the games and format of pairings are to be determined solely at the discretion of the Beat the Heat Tournament Director and/or the competition committee. SCORING RULES: Winners of brackets or advancement to Semi-Final and Finals will be determined by the following point system: Max points for a match is 4. A. 3 points for a win.
B. 1 point for a tie.
C. 0 points for a loss.
D. 1 point for a shutout. *unless it is a 0-0 tie. No points will be given to either team for a 0-0 tie.
1. Head to head competition.
2. Goal Differential
3. Fewest goals allowed in all games.
4. FIFA kicks from the mark. (FIFA Reduce to equate rule does NOT apply.)
5. A FIFA kicks from the mark will be conducted in the event three or more teams are tied in points and a winner cannot be determined by the tie breakers set forth above. Two of the three teams will be selected on a blind draw to go first. These two teams will proceed with a shootout to determine which team will advance. In brackets with 4, 5, or 6 teams – if all teams are tied then begin tiebreaking procedure with Rule 2.
A. All eligible players currently on the field at the end of regulation may participate.
B. 10 players and 1 goalkeeper shall be selected and sent to referee. A list will be marked on the roster with the kicking order labeled 1 thru 11. All selected players shall remain in the center circle.
C. The referees shall determine which goal will be used.
D. The team winning the coin toss will choose to kick 1st or 2nd.
E. Each team takes 5 attempts alternating turns. The team scoring the most goals wins. If still tied teams shall alternate the taking of kicks in sudden death. No player may kick a second time until all players including goalkeeper have kicked once. The rotation remains the same.
F. In case of an injury or red card, the goalkeeper may be replaced by any eligible player.
Winners of the brackets who advance to the Final/Championship Game shall:
1. Play full time.
2. If tied, play 2 x 10 minute halves (no golden goal).
3. If still tied, FIFA kicks from the mark (see above).
Semi-Final games ending in a tie will go straight to kicks from the mark.
Each team (coaches, players) shall occupy one side of the field with parents and spectators on the other side. The home team (listed first) has the choice of which side of the center line they wish to occupy. Everyone shall be between the 18 yard lines (technical area) and remain 2 yards back from the touch lines. No one will be allowed behind the goal line. Home team shall furnish the game ball with visiting team ball as back up. A Tournament ball is provided by TESC and shall be returned to the referee at the end of play.
Coaches are responsible for the conduct of spectators with their team. Any player or coach sent off from a game may not participate in the team’s next tournament game. Any player sent off for fighting or any spectators sent off shall be banned from all tournament play venues for the remainder of the tournament. NO EXCEPTIONS!
No protest will be entertained concerning the interpretations of the Laws of the Game by the referee. Any other protest must be submitted within one hour from the end of the match. The written protest must be accompanied by $200.00 in cash. The cash will be refunded only if the protest is upheld. The Tournament Director’s decisions are final and are not subject to appeal. Scoring Issues should be reported immediately to the Tournament Director for re-verification by the Referee Assignor. All scores will be verified and signed off on by the winning coach.
If you have any questions before, during or after games, please contact a field marshal on duty at your field. Field Marshal will be wearing appropriate identification.
All decisions by the Tournament Director are final and are not subject to appeal. To contact the Tournament Director, please visit Tournament Headquarters and they will locate the Director for you.
NO HEADING is allowed in any small sided match (12U and younger).
In matches for 13U and older, the roster/team could include 12U and younger players. A 12U player on the 13U roster/team, may head the ball. For the player 11U or younger playing on a 13U team or older, if heading occurs by a player 11U and younger, the referee will not stop play and issue an indirect free kick. It would be very difficult for a referee to be able during the run of play to determine if a player that heads the ball is 11U or younger or 12U and older. As stated by the Federation, it will be the coach and parent’s responsibility to "police" a child 11U and younger on heading in a 13U and older match.
This has been shared with the Referee organization their Assignors and Referees.



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