Benefits of VESL

-League Environment that is built by clubs. This is to help your team and club develop. VESL will focus on clubs working together as partners in soccer to provide a great environment for all participants.


-League Events that are built for ease of setup for managers and coaches with games occuring at close venues and non conflicting games for coaches. For parents our 1 day events are also good to allow them to still have some family time the remainder of the weekend even if their child makes it all the way to a championship. Additionally our cost point is a budget helper for teams, parents, and managers looking to help provide their squad with a more affordable season but still get some tournament competition in!
-No recruiting! Recruiting is 100% not allowed. Bring your team and players without the worry of other teams recruiting them. (Go to Recruiting Rule tab for more information)
-Balanced games. VESL will make a strong effort to schedule balanced and fair games. If a game is one-sided, the league will focus on the necessary adjustments in future scheduling.
-Smart Scheduling. VESL will schedule games for weekends that work for you. No conflicts with tournaments or holidays.
-Built for East Tennessee teams with home & away series. 
-Estimated 8-game season. VESL is a great way to supplement games around your event and season schedule.
-Referee Shield. VESL will maintain an environment to protect referees and their development. The only way to grow referees in the area is with training and grace. VESL will host referee training and courses to elevate the level of officiating.
-Referee Assigning. The VESL league fee covers all referee assigning fees.
-Coaching Education. VESL will offer coaching courses to help develop novice coaches.
-Online Check-In for the season. This includes roster updating.


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