NOTE: “If more than 2 teams are tied on points, and their Head to Head matches are tied or split, then we move on to the next tiebreaker”
For all official tiebreaker procedures, reference the Classic Handbook.

Primary Scoring Rules

Points for win
Points for tie
Points for forfeit win

Additional Scoring

If more than 2 teams are tied, head to head will be dropped and we'll move to the next tie-breaker

Tie Breaker Rules

head to head

Tie Breaker #1

Head to Head will only be dismissed if the matches in question are split or tied.

Most wins

Tie Breaker #2

Most Wins

Points for Score Differential

Tie Breaker #3

Points for Score Differential: up to 5 per game

Least Points Allowed

Tie Breaker #4

Fewest points allowed

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