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    • Online Check-in is Required

      During online check-in, your documents are conveniently stored in Soccer In College for future tournaments in SINC. It comes at no extra cost to you since it's included in the tournament fee, and will guide you through every step with notifications. You may start the online check-in process anytime after your team has been accepted.
      Online Check-in must start no later than August 15th. Check-in steps do not need to be completed all at one time, but the process has to be completed by 5 pm on August 18th.
      Printing game cards should be one of the last tasks before the event. We strongly recommend that you do NOT print your game cards too early, but you rather wait until the Friday before the tournament, in case of any updates. Your game cards should have all games listed at the top with a blank opponent for the Finals (if applicable). With online check-in, there will be a "SINC certified" printed in the upper right corner. 

      Items needed to check-in

      What will I need to do to complete Online Check-in?
      • Make sure your team roster is complete and accurate
      • Upload digital versions of the required or optional documents (scanned or digital photos)
      • Print reports (such as your official roster) and bring along the items that are marked to be included in your "carry-on" folder

      Required Items

      Application is paid in full
      Athlete Waivers
      Certified list of Eligible Athletes
      COVID Waivers
      Medical Releases
      Official Roster: Certified
      Player Cards
      Player Cards (photo)
      Printed copy(s) of Game Card
      A stamped copy of the official roster
      Team contact during the tournament
      Tournament Roster
      Travel Permit
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