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    • Showcase

      High School Soccer Showcase

      The High School Showcase is the primary event of the National Soccer Showcase and features teams playing either a five-game or seven-game format over two or three days. Teams are grouped with similarly sized or similarly competitive schools to ensure the series of games is as evenly balanced as possible.

      Game Format

      Length of game:
      40 minutes
      Roster Size:
      General game rules:
      National Federation Laws of the Game
      Two-Referee System
      Number of games options:
      7 (2 on Friday, 3 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday)
      5 (3 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday)
      5 (2 on Friday and 3 on Saturday)
      $600 for the seven game format and $540 for the five game format. Discounts are available for the second and third teams from a school (but only for multiple teams from a single gender—the discount does not apply between Boys and Girls teams). Please see below: 
      Format and Pricing
        5 Games 7 Games
      1st Team: $540.00 $600
      2nd Team: $500.00 $530.00
      3rd Team: $480.00 $510.00
      Middle School Team: $480.00 $510.00

      Division Breakdown

      Division One:
      State and Nationally ranked teams or teams with the ability to compete at the highest level
      Division Two:
      Teams with the ability to compete but that may not have the depth of Division I; may include Division I reserve teams
      Division Three:
      Smaller schools, new programs, and growing/developing teams; may include JVA or JVB teams
      Division Four:
      JVA, JVB, and Freshmen Teams

      U13-14 Travel Team and Middle School

      One factor that marks a quality community-based program is the development of a seamless transition from travel and middle school programs to high school programs. To help achieve that goal, we offer U13-14 travel teams and middle school age teams the opportunity to participate in the National Soccer Showcase, giving players a taste of play at the high school level.

      Number of games:
      5 (3 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday)
      Length of game:
      40 minutes
      Roster Size:
      Two-Referee System


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