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OLOL Children's Hospital United Cup

All schedules for the XXXI United Cup are now final. No further changes will be made. 

The first team listed on the schedule denotes as the Home Team and must wear their light colored uniform. 
The second team listed on the schedule denotes as the Away Team and must wear their dark colored uniform. 

In the occurrence that a conflict arise the Home Team must change to an alternative jersey color and be accepted by the Center Referee. 



07-09 Legacy Girls
08-07 Girls Third Division Schedule

8:00 AM#00399
08-07 Girls Third DivisionBurbank 5
5:00 PM#00406
08-07 Girls Third DivisionBurbank 2
10:00 AM#00404
08-07 Girls Third DivisionBurbank 21
4:45 PM#00401
08-07 Girls Third DivisionBurbank 4
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