United Cup Check – In Options

U10 - Festival Teams - Do Not Check In On Line

 Email your scanned roster and signed medical forms to  Once I have approved your information, I'll email you back your roster.  You'll need to give a copy of your roster to the referee before both games.


U11 - U19 Teams 

Thank you for registering to participate in the upcoming United Cup Tournament being held at the beautiful Burbank Soccer Complex. This year, there are 3 options for check in:

1st Option (Best Option) – On Line Check In – This will take all the worry about whether or not you have completed everything for your team to play.

Things you will need –

· You’ll need to input (type) your team roster into the system. Will need to include the players name, jersey number & birthday.

· You’ll need to upload the following:

o Official Team Roster (please link the roster to the players)

o Player Passes (please link the passes to the players)

o Permission to travel – Out of state US Youth Soccer teams

· You’ll verify that you have, in your possession, all the required medical forms.

· If you have not paid your registration fee, you will be required to do that at this time.

· The cost is $20.00, but once you have all your information on your computer, you’ll be able to use it in the future for other tournaments.

· On Line check in will close on Thursday, October 5th at 5PM.


2nd Option – Check in Saturday morning - Appointment only . Please email


3rd Option – Check in at the BRSC office on the Wednesday  (10/3) – Thursday (10/4) from 9 to 2PM - Bring same items as above

  1. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at 

This report is restricted to the staff of teams accepted into the tournament. If you are authorized, you should click LOGIN in the upper right corner and enter your access codes to log in. If you have lost or forgotten your access codes you may enter your email address to have them sent to you. For additional help, you may click the envelope on the menu bar to contact the tournament staff.

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