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Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Addison Moreno CSC Eagles 2007 Black 2025
Joy Bohannan Texarkana SC 08/09G 2022
Sage Stussy Texarkana SC 08/09G 2022
Cheyanne Renfro Texarkana SC 08/09G 2022
Kendall Simms Texarkana SC 08/09G 2022
Alexia Hawkins Texarkana SC 08/09G 2022
Maggie Barrow CSC Eagles 07-Girls Defender2025
Izabella Hood CSC Eagles 2007 Black 2025
Genevieve Cowart CSC Eagles 07-Girls 2025
Katherine Garner CSC Eagles 07-Girls 2025
Kory Lebleu CSC Eagles 07-Girls 2025
Madison Stutes CSC Eagles 2007 Black 2025
Ellia Donovan CSC Eagles 2007 Black 2025
Emerson Stewart Shreveport United 09G Blue 2022
Catherine Joyce Texarkana SC Showcase 2023
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CABOSA 2022 F F 4 0
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