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Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Jennifer Lopez SMSC Elite 04G Diamonds Center Forward2019
Avery Saulter SMSC Elite 04G Diamonds Midfield2022
Bailey Craft GCU 02G White Goalie2021
Peri Mitchell GCU 02G White Goalie2021
Rebecca Nelms GCU 02G White Left Defender2022
Sophia Fimiano GCU 02G White Forward2021
Avery Saucier GCU 04 Girls White 2022
Hannah Radicia GCU 02G White Center Mid2022
Isabella Lopez 04G Louisiana Fire White 2022
Kylah Cuevas GCU 02G White Center Defender2022
Laykin Beech GCU 01/02G Blue Left Mid2020
Alyssa Moniz GCU 02G White 2022
Lucia Pizzolato Ladyhawks 08 2019
Jaylen Bodry GCUFC 06 Girls BLUE 2019
Sydney Salter GCU 01/02G Blue Forward/Mid2020
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GATORCG 2019 F F 4 0
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