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Featured Athletes

Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Brendin Hannah Academy STARS 2008 Forward2028
Kolin Bijeaux LA Krewe Rush 05B Black Right Defender2024
Maddox Russum MS Rush United 09B Premier II 2027
Konner Haden HFC Thunder 09B White Defender2027
Elijah Culpepper Academy STARS 2008 Forward/Mid2028
Preston Cooley Florida Roots 06B Elite Central Defensive/Mid2024
Gavin Thurman HFC 05/6/7 Navy 2024
Luis Navarro HFC 05/6/7 Navy Defensive/Mid2024
Aiden Owens HFC 05/6/7 Navy 2024
Vivvie Teneyck Academy G STARS 09/10 2028
Wyatt Jones HFC 05/6/7 Navy 2024
Orion Cole Academy GOLD 2007 Right Defender2026
Jason Reyes Florida Roots 06B Elite Central 2025
Brady Phan SSC 06B Storm Elite Right Wing2025
Ashlee Riley GBFA BREAKERS '07/'08 Girls Right Defender2025
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GCSC 2024 F M N 5 0
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