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Featured Athletes

Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Preston Cadwallader BFC-Rush 01/02 Boys Elite Goalie2019
Daniel Sanchez BRSC 02 Boys Black Forward2020
Travis Parcell Mobile United FC 06 D2 Boys 2019
Canon Moss IFC 09 Boys Red 2019
Spencer Baggett Alliance FC 02/03 Boys 2021
Lawson Torrey Ms Rush Jackson 09B Premeir 2020
Jacob Petro Mobile United FC 02 D1 Boys 2020
Cohen Bonner HFC Thunder 05 White 2019
Sebastian Fuller SMSC Elite 03/04B Black Forward2021
Mauricio Reyes BRSC 02 Boys Black Midfield2020
Quentin Nichols HFC Thunder 05 White 2019
Brandon Burow SYSC 04B Green GCNL 2022
Gavin Mcgowan SMSC Elite 03/04B Black 2022
Haydan Thibeault SMSC Elite 03/04B Black 2022
Elijah Childs HFC Thunder 05 White 2019
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HFCFCLA 2019 F M 4 0
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