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Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Rylan Calhoun PSC 08B Center Mid2026
Brady Waldrep PSC 08B 2026
Jude Cobb PSC 08B 2026
Hunter Rowe PSC 08B Right Mid2026
Cullen Peterson PSC 08B 2027
Lawson Inman PSC 08B 2026
Dillon Ott PSC 08B Midfield2027
Greyson Saxon PSC 08B Center Mid2026
Bennett Evans BRSC 11B Black KH 0
Luke Deshotel PSC 08B 2027
Xavier Martinez PSC 08B 2026
Hector Lagos PSC 08B 2026
Carter Boyt PSC 08B 2027
Jacob Niederhofer PSC 08B 2026
Manuel Rodriguez PSC 08B Forward/Mid2026
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Tournament has ended
MISSFSCB 2024 F M N 5 0
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