• Chris Martin 4v4 Memorial


      The following rules and guidelines have been developed to ensure fair play for all players. Each player is expected to understand these rules prior to their participation in the event. Any questions concerning these rules should be directed to the Event Director.  All decisions by the Event Director are considered final.

      The tournament will follow FIFA rules as amended below:


      1. Teams will consist of up to six (6) males, six (6) females or any combination. Players may only be rostered on one (1) team. Youth co-ed teams will play in a male division.
      2. Teams will be grouped in divisions according to age group and gender and will play games within their assigned division. At the discretion of the Event Director, division’s may be combined to form a competitive playing division.
      3. Youth divisions will be based on the current USYS playing ages. 
      4. Adult divisions are made of players over the age of 17 (older High School aged teams can play in an adult division as necessary).
      5. All teams will play at least three (3) games, unless the scheduled games are reduced or shortened, due to rain or unforeseen circumstance.
      6. At the discretion of the Event Director, a player may be substituted on the roster due to an injury sustained during the event.


      1. All teams must be registered and paid prior to participation.
      2. All players and participants must complete and sign the event waiver prior to participation.Waivers must be turned in at tournament check-in.
      3. Once a team has been accepted, the application fee is non-refundable.
      4. NOTE: As it is a fundraising event, no refunds will be made due to inclement weather conditions.

      Playing Rules:

      1. Playing field is approximately 30 x 40, or as space permits. Goals will be 2 x 3 OR 4 x 6 with NO GOALKEEPER.
      2. Games will have two 12-minute halves with a brief halftime.
      3. If the game is tied at the end of regulation play, the game is recorded as a tie.
      4. All players must wear a jersey the same color as their teammates. Where there is a jersey discrepancy, the HOME team shall change jersey colors.
      6. Kick-ins will replace throw-ins.
      7. There is NO OFFSIDE.
      8. Substitutions are unlimited and may only be made when the play is stopped for either team.
      9. Each game will have one Field Marshal, who will call fouls, keep time and have the final say in disputes.
      10. Teams will play with an age appropriate sized ball.
      11. Goal kick will be taken from your defensive end line.
      12. No team may play a goalkeeper or place a defensive player at the goal.
      13. All kicks are indirect.
      14. Goals may not be scored from the attacking teams’ defensive half of the field. (ball must cross the midfield line before a goal can be scored)
      15. No player may touch the ball inside the arc in front of the goal. If an attacker touches the ball inside the arc, then the result is a goal kick (if the attacker touches the ball and then the ball goes in the goal, then no goal is allowed). If a defender touches the ball inside the arc, the result is a goal for the attacking team.)
      16. After a goal is scored, the ball is returned to the center of the field for a standard face-off.

      In an effort to keep the fun in soccer, the Chris Martin Memorial 4v4 tournament will not be awarding medals or trophies.

      We hope your soccer experience is a rewarding one.

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