• Welcome to the 2023 LSA Shark Shootout sponsored by Capelli!

      We are pleased to invite your team to apply to the 2023 LSA Shark Shootout Sponsored by Capelli Sport!  Come join us for some great preseason soccer!

      The deadline to apply is January 20th, 2023

      NOTE:  Online check-in is MANDATORY for this year's event! It will OPEN after teams are accepted. You must BEGIN the online check-in process before 5 pm 02/01/23. You do not have to complete the check-in all at once. You have to complete the entire process by 4 pm Friday 2/3/23.

      Applications are available online so register today by clicking the "Apply" button above. Once you complete your registration, you will receive confirmation that your application has been received. When we reach our deadline for registrations, we will notify the accepted teams.

      Thanks again for visiting our tournament website and we hope to see you this year!

    • GroupHousing is our Hotel partner for the LSA Shark Shootout sponsored by Capelli Sport!!
      To insure the quality of service provided for LSA, the directors have partnered with GroupHousing as the official Hospitality Service of the tournaments.

      All teams who need accommodations are REQUIRED to make hotel reservations through GroupHousing to insure their place in the event. LSA’s events are “Stay to Play” events.  GroupHousing guarantees the lowest rate available at all hotels.  GroupHousing will make this process efficient and friendly for you, while providing exceptional hotel accommodations for all teams. Most hotels offer a breakfast, kid friendly services, budget conscious rates, and amenities to enhance your stay. Each hotel is strategically located just minutes from the event locations.
      Please see the hotel link below.   You may also contact GroupHousing at 888-290-3210 to book your hotel as well. 


    • OnLine Checkin Only for 2023!

      ONLINE CHECKIN is the ONLY CHECKIN METHOD for our 2023 Tournament.

      NOTE:  The PayPal payment option is for your credit / debit card. You do not have to have a PayPal account to use this option.
    • Inclement Weather Policy
      Please make sure to read the rules for our inclement weather policy and cancelation policy. Rules are in place for the safety of the participants and officials.
    • MANDATORY Online Check In
      ONLINE CHECKIN is the Method for checkin. Please START your online checkin process NO LATER THAN Wed 2/1/23, 7pm. The $20 Online Checkin fee is paid to have SincSports staff review your documents. LSA does not receive this fee. It is NON REFUNDABLE.
    • Academy and Select Teams
      At LSA Shark Shootout sponsored by Capelli Sport, we take great pride in the level of talent of the academy and select players that attend our tournament.  We strive to ensure that your experience at our tournament will meet all your expectations - from the competitive level of play to the opportunities for exposure at the highest level.
    • Details
      Application period is starting. Online checkin can only start after a team is accepted. Acceptances will begin mid January 2023.
    • OnLine Check In

      We only accept OnLine Checkin!!

      There will be no in-person checkin for our 2023 Tournament. Please be prepared to use OnLine Checkin.
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