Gulf Coast Cup & Showcase

March 18-19, 2023

1. Except as otherwise provided below, FIFA Laws of the Game apply to all games as modified by USYSA. 

2. The length of each game will be as follows*:                  

U9 - two 30-minute Halves

U 10 - two 30-minute halves

U11 - two 30-minute halves

U12 - two 30-minute halves         

U13 - two 35-minute halves        

U14 - two 35-minute halves         
U15 - two 35-minute halves        
U16 - two 35-minute halves       
U17 - two 35-minute halves         
U18 - two 35-minute halves        
U19 - two 35-minute halves        

* Clock will not stop / stoppage time will not be added to game.*

3.   U9 & 10 will be 7 v 7. U11 & U12 will be 9 v 9, and Under 13 and above 11 v 11.

4.   There will be a (5) minute waiting period for any team not present at the designated starting time of the  game.  If the team has not presented itself by that time, then a forfeit shall be declared by the referee, unless extra time is allowed by the Tournament Director (prior to the referee leaving the field) for extraordinary circumstances and the Tournament Director feels the delay will not prevent all other matches from being completed. 

5.   Tournament standings in round-robin and group play will be based on a point system; 3 points for a win; 1 point for a tie; 0 points for a loss. The following tie-breaking system in prioritized order will be employed for determining the first place team in each group and the best second place in the playing division: 

a.   Head to head competition.
b.   Goal Differential, with a maximum differential of 3 goals per game (i.e., in each game goals scored minus goals allowed.) 
c.   Fewest goals allowed in all games. 
d.  The teams shall take kicks from the penalty mark, as per FIFA, until a winner is declared. 

6.  In group or round robin matches, a tie after regulation will stand. There will be no overtime in semi-finals - go straight to penalty kicks. There will be two (2) 10 minute halves if there is a tie after regulation in Championship matches. This is subject to change by Tournament Director's decision. 

7.  A team forfeiting a game in group play will forfeit ALL games. All forfeited games will be scored 3-0 against the forfeiting team. The team forfeiting may continue to play scheduled games, but will not be eligible for semifinal or championship games, and all fees will be forfeited. This is subject to change by Tournament Director's discretion.

8.  Any coach removing his team from the field without the permission of the referee will have forfeited the game. 

9.  The team listed first in the pairings is the home team. The home team should wear their dark colored jersey and the visiting team their light colored jersey. The home team is responsible for providing an alternate jersey should conflicting uniform colors occur. Opposing teams are to occupy the same side of the field with their respective spectators on the opposite side. 

10. Each team shall have a ball suitable for game play. The ball size to be used in the tournament shall be a No. 4 for under - 10-12, and No. 5 for all others. The referee shall determine the ball to be played. 

11. A player shall play on one team for the duration of the Tournament. The secondary team will forfeit any game that an offense occurs. 

12.  Substitutions shall be unlimited and can be made, with the consent of the referee, at the following times: 

a.   Prior to throw-in in your favor. 
b.   Prior to a goal kick, by either team.
c.   After a goal, by either team. 
d.   After an injury, by either team when the referee stops play. The number of players substituted is limited to the number of players injured, with the same number of substitutions by each team. 
e.   At half time.
f.   After a player’s caution.

13. Any player receiving a red card during competition must be escorted from the premises by a parent or team official (premises are defined by the referee). Such player will be suspended from play in the next game his or her team plays in the competition. The referee will note on the game card the name, registration number, time of game and opponent. The player's pass will be retained by the referee and conveyed by the referee to tournament headquarters (or scorer's table at game site) to be held until after that team's next game. It is the coach's responsibility to obtain the player pass from tournament headquarters (or scorer's table at the game site holding the card) after the game suspension has been served.  

14. Any coach receiving a red card must leave the premises of the current game (premises are defined by the referee). The coach's pass will be retained by the referee or field marshal. Furthermore, he/she may be present at the next game, but cannot exercise any coaching responsibility. A coach's disqualification will be noted in the game card by the referee and will be reported by the referee to tournament headquarters. 

15. There will be no protest.

16. Each coach is responsible for the behavior of his players, their parents and their spectators during the tournament, both on and off the field.  Inappropriate behavior may result in disciplinary action by the team's state association. Coaches are required to remain within ten yards either side of the half-way line during the game. All coaches shall be on their own team's sideline. The Tournament Director retains the right to ban anyone from the premises of the tournament for unruly behavior or unsportsmanlike conduct, whether or not sent off by a referee. 

17. Individual medals will be awarded to each player and coach (head coach and one assistant per team) on the first and second place teams in each playing division. 

18. Player passes may be checked by the field marshal or referee and held by the referee during each game. It is the coach's responsibility to get the passes from the referee at the end of each game. Any team that does not have player passes at each game is subject to forfeiture, unless the Tournament Director, in his/her sole discretion, temporarily suspends this requirement until the player passes can be presented. 

19. No pets or alcohol on or in close proximity to any field, player, coach or spectator. Violators will cause a stoppage of play and coaches will be given 5 minutes to resolve the situation. Where not resolved during the 5-minute stoppage, the match will be terminated and a forfeit awarded. Any subsequent stoppage will result in an automatic forfeit. 

20. In the event of inclement weather, the Tournament Director has the authority to restructure or cancel the tournament. It may not be rescheduled and no refunds will be issued.  All interpretations of the rules shall be made by Tournament Director. 

No alcohol or pets are permitted at or near any match site


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