Referee Assigner:   Jack Schultz,

Hello Referees,

We will be looking to get officials to the upcoming Florence Cup in South Carolina at the beautiful Florence Sports Complex.

Attached are the games rates this year:

U9/10  -   50 Min games - $40 (Single referee)

U11-12 – 60 Min games - $45/$30/$30 (3 referees/game)

U13-14 – 70 Min games - $55/$35/$35 (3 referees/game)

U15-16 – 70 Min games - $65/$45/$45 (3 referees/game)

U17-19 – 70 Min games - $70/$50/$50 (3 referees/game)

Stand By referees - $20 per shift (number of stand by referees to be approved by BUFC)

Travel Stipend - $50 for referees traveling greater than 50 miles to support the event.  This is a 1-time stipend for the weekend

Hotels available for officials travelling greater than 80 miles for the event.

We look forward to seeing everyone out there on the pitch!

Thank you, Jack Schultz, Assigner


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