Mobile Recruiting with SINC

The SincSports platform is constantly improving to help all event participants stay in SINC. Here we'll take a look at how College Coaches can take advantage of the system to assist in their recruiting efforts at events working with SincSports and Test in College.

Getting Started

We've developed this system to work for you in whatever way you like to do your recruiting:

  • Print out hard-copies of rosters, schedules and athlete profiles
  • Access the website with your laptop, tablet or phone
  • View all the details through the SincSports mobile app for iOS or Android

College Coach Dashboard

Your dashboard is going to be your home away from home. It is the first screen you'll see as soon as you login into the system. You can always return to it by clicking on your name at the top right corner. On it, you'll see the college showcases you've registered for as well as some handy links:

  1. Search Athletes: This will give you a number of options to find athletes attending this event.
  2. Interested Athletes: Athletes that mark your program as one of their top choices will appear on this list.
  3. Get College Book: Once the Hard-copy version of the player profile book is ready, you can get that here.
  4. Athlete Watch List: When you find athletes you are interested in watching at this event, you can add them to your watch list to easily access their profile and schedule
  5. Watch List Schedule: This will generate a list of all games for the athletes you are interested in.
  6. Custom Schedule: Create your own schedule for the games you want to make sure to watch.

Search Athletes

High school age athletes attending this event are asked to update their profiles in order to prepare for the showcase. Do a quick search through the list of athletes or use the advanced search to find athletes based on more specific criteria.

Once you find an athlete who might be a good fit, just click the "Add to Watch List" button.

Athlete Watch List

Your Athlete Watch List will contain all athletes that you've added. You can easily rate these players and/or add comments as you watch them play throughout the showcase.

Once you find an athlete who might be a good fit, just click the "Add to Watch List" button.

Custom Schedule & Rosters

When you go to the event's public schedule, you'll see a "+" icon on the right hand side of each game. Click that and you can see the team rosters.

From this screen you can:

  • Add the game to your custom schedule
  • Check the box to add any player to your watch list
  • Click on an athlete name to pull up their full profile
  • Rate or Comment any player

SincSports App

To easily access all of the college features at your next showcase, simply download the SincSports app. Once you select the College Showcase you are attending, just click on "College Coaches" to easily access your dashboard and all of the college showcase features.

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