Check-In Information

Check-in must be done online for a fee of $20 per team. The process must be started by midday on the Tuesday before the tournament and completed by midday on the Thursday before the tournament. 

Online Check-In Documentation

Each team must upload:

1. ONE (1) copy of its official state or National Governing Body roster, listing players' names, DOB, and state registration ID #s. 

2. Evidence of a laminated state or NGBr-issued player pass for each player (regular and guest).  

3. ONE (1) completed copy of the official SSA Tournament Waiver Form (downloaded from the link below) for all players on the game card, or the electronic version with confirmation of electronic signatures by the parents of all players on the roster/game card.

4. Out-of-State teams will need to provide a completed copy of their state association's 'Notification of Travel' form (or similar). 

5. Guest players must have a valid player pass. Please check the rules for maximum number allowed. A guest player's name, DOB, and unique state ID should be handwritten onto the bottom of the team's official state roster.

To be Taken to the Fields:

1. One copy of the team's official state roster.  

2. FOUR (4) copies of the tournament roster/game card, listing all the players playing in the tournament. The team manager will be responsible for handing one copy to the referees prior to each game (three games, plus final if the team qualifies). These cards will be used by the referees as official game cards, and will then be returned to tournament HQ by the coach/team manager of the winning team (or the home team in the event of a tie) once the game is completed to act as the official record of the game. See below for instructions on printing these out.

3. A club Medical Release Form for each player on the game card and roster.  

4. A player pass for each player.


To print out your tournament roster/game cards, just click 'Log In' in the top right corner of this page and enter your log-in info. Once you are logged in, various functions related to our tournament (including printing game cards) should be visible. If you are a coach/administrator for more than one SIC team, you may need to choose the relevant team from the list to access the team's specific functions such as updating rosters, printing out game cards etc.



Tournament Waiver Form

 To be used as an alternative to the online waiver option.


Game Cards

This report is restricted to the staff of teams accepted into the tournament. If you are authorized, you should click LOGIN in the upper right corner and enter your access codes to log in. If you have lost or forgotten your access codes you may enter your email address to have them sent to you. For additional help, you may click the envelope on the menu bar to contact the tournament staff.


Blank Tournament Roster/Game Card

 To be used in the event of last-minute issues with printing out a team's pre-populated game card above.


Covid-19 Waiver

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