Fall 2023 Important Information

Important Dates
June 1                     Fall Registration Opens
August 1                 EPL Fall Registration Deadline
August 9                 Week 1-3 schedule is released by this date
August 19               Fall EPL Games Begin
August 28               Week 4-9 schedule released by this date
September 2-3       NO EPL GAMES (Labor Day)
October 15              Deadline to register for Jamboree if you did not do so at start of season
October 7-15          NO EPL GAMES (KCS Fall Break)
November 4-5        EPL Jamboree - 11v11
November 11-12        EPL Jamboree - 7v7 & 9v9
Minimum Games: Guaranteed minimum of 7-8 scheduled games (ref fees split between teams)
Jamboree: Guaranteed minimum of 3 games over the weekend. First and Second place teams will be awarded
gold and silver medals at conclusion of the weekend. (ref fees included in Jamboree Fee)
Referee Fees during season (paid by teams):

U9/10 - $38 1-man crew
U11/12 - $42 1-man crew
U13/14 - $46 for CR, $35 AR1, $35 AR2
U15/16 - $56 for CR, $40 AR1, $40 AR2
U17 and above - $76 for CR, $60 AR1, $60 AR2

Referee Fees during jamboree are paid by the league

Schedule Changes, Cancellations, No-Shows
We are tightening the policies around no-shows and rescheduled games in order to improve the
experience for the teams in our league. Our goal is NOT to make money off of this!! Our goal IS
to ensure that the teams in the league have confidence that their opponents will show up for games!
Reschedule requests:
Requests will be honored when possible, but requests need to be kept to a minimum and only in emergency
situations because it affects all of the operations of the league including refs, EY staff, and other teams.
Requests will need to be submitted in writing by email to the League Director. Phone call requests will not
be honored. Schedules will be locked at 5pm on the Tuesday before the scheduled game, meaning that NO
schedule requests will be honored if they are submitted after that deadline.
First No-Call, No-Show: $100 (7v7, 9v9) or $150 (11v11) fine will be assessed to your team + removed from the EPL schedule until paid.
Second No-Call, No-Show: Removed from league for remainder of the season and no refund will be given.


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