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Welcome to the digital world....
where information travels at the speed of light. 

We'd love to involve your team management and all of your parents in our premier soccer event.  This year we will be introducing text messaging to make sure that all interested parties can follow the competitive flow in near "real time".  

Rest assured that the protection of your information and your privacy are our foremost concern in this process.  While the setup just take a few simple steps, those steps are designed to protect the integrity of your information.  While we could certainly simplify the process further, it would fall below the standards we set to protect you.  Our goal is to see that no messages are sent to your text messagin address that you haven't specifically requested.

In some cases you can incur charges from your provider for messaging services so you should be in control!  Just click the Text Messaging button to begin the setup procedure. 

The steps to the setup process are:

  1. Log in

    If you don't have a log in already, you'll be able to add yourself.  Your access codes will be emailed to you immediately.

  2. Provide your text messaging address

    Nothing will ever be sent to the text messaging address unless you have requested it first.

  3. Confirm that the address is correct

    We will send a code to your text messaging address (at your request) which you will need to enter to confirm the address.

  4. Define the games you wish to track in near "real time"

    We'll let you know as soon as the scores become official.
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