SSA Game Protocols


The following guidelines are drawn from the US Soccer Play On Phase III Document and are subject to change.


Before Heading to the Fields:

1. The participant (including players, coaches, referees, volunteers and administrators) should conduct a daily temperature check for low grade fever (>100.4.) at home before attending the game/event. 


2. Do not participate in activities if you have any of the symptoms listed below. a. COVID-19 exposure in past 14 days b. Sore throat c. Shortness of breath/difficulty breathing d. Fever >100.4 F e. Chills f. Headache g. Sinus congestion h. Cough persistent and/or productive i. Joint aches and soreness j. Vomiting or diarrhoea k. Rash.


3. All attendees should wash their hands before departing for the venue.


4. All participants, including players, coaches and referees, should prepare and pack individual

water bottles. You should not share water bottles and should avoid public water fountains if possible. 


5. Participants are recommended to pack and bring to personal sanitizing supplies to training and competitions, including hand sanitizers. Sanitizing materials should be clearly marked and not shared. 


Venue Arrival Recommendations: 

1. All participants (coaches, players, referees, instructors, administrators) are recommended to wear new or clean PPE (e.g. masks) upon arrival, departure and when not physically active for any training or match. a. For the duration of the match, coaches and substitute players should wear masks on the sidelines. b. Referees are reminded to wear PPE for arrival and pre-game field inspection.


2. Spectators should wear PPE. 



Each participating team should conduct health screening questions to confirm no one is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. This should be done by a designated individual (coach/team manager) and confirmation of the completion of this task should be made between the two coaches in attendance and the center referee during the pre-game period.


Parents should not congregate together and should follow social distancing guidelines. Parents are encouraged to wait until the field has been cleared by the previous game’s attendees before taking their place on the sidelines. 


Team benches will be removed to encourage social distancing. 


It is recommended that teams bring their own tents to the event to provide shelter for players, though social distancing should still be practised as much as possible.


Participants should not pick-up field equipment, move goals or handle other equipment. If team bibs are used, they should only be used by one participant and not shared or rotated amongst participants.



1a. Coaches should not be within six feet of any player b. The players should not touch any equipment. c. In general, maintain as much social distance as possible during warm-up activities.


Pre-Game Activities: 

1. A designated official from each team should provide the center referee with a copy of the official game card, practising social distancing to accomplish this.

1. The coin toss should be socially distanced. a. Only one referee and one representative per team should take part in the coin toss. b. Only the owner of the coin should touch the coin. c. All participants involved in the coin toss should wear a mask, following recommendations that masks should be worn at all times excepting moments of physical exertion. 

2. No pre-game handshakes shall take place. 

3. Uniform or jewelry checks should be visible checks only, maintaining 6-ft between the referee and player. 


During the Game:

1. No handshakes, high fives, fist bumps, chest bumps, huddles, group celebrations, etc., should take place, including when goals are scored, or when substitutions are leaving or entering the field. 


2. The following modifications to substitutions protocols are suggested: a. When subbing into the game, players should maintain distance from the referees and other players who are also subbing into the game. b. If a player is subbed out of the game, the player should stand at least 6 ft apart.



1. During halftime, referees, players and coaches should maintain at least six feet distance

between each other.

2. All players and coaches should be wearing proper PPE (e.g. masks).

a. If a player needs to recover before participating in halftime activities, player should

stand 12 ft away from other individuals while recovering before putting on their face

covering or mask.

3. Players should sanitize their hands.

4. Coaches should limit the amount of time the entire team is near the bench area at one time.

5. Referees should sanitize their own equipment (whistle, flags, etc.) 


Post-Game Procedure:

At the end of the game, the official should return the completed game card to the venue HQ so that the score can be recorded and posted online.


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